Our Philosophy

It goes without saying that we do the technical side meticulously:

  1. download all the latest updates for our design software,
  2. attend conferences and network with colleagues on online forums,
  3. subscribe to and procrastinate over premier web developent magazines.

Yet, a good developer also needs to be intimately aware of the prevalent cultural trends, art history, enduring traditional values, not to mention the budding social movements and political controversies, in order to gauge what works on the Internet and what does not! What emotionally clicks with the audiences and what leaves them cold.

So our philosophy boils down to helping small and mid-sized entities at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time, delivering the highest possible technical quality along with the original and impactful content befitting client's own self-image, vision and mission statement.

Our design pathway explained

On multiple occasions, we have ourselves been in situations when some form of a neat and persuasive idea presentation was urgently needed, however, we, as it usually happens, were faced with the designers' endless information requests, research questionnaires, a pile of forms to fill out - all complete with a mounting heap of invoices for every minor tweak.

Not that this habit of administrative back-and-forth of approval and coordination is completely useless, but we have decided to make it our trademark MO to cut down on the technical jargon, the frivolous billing and the artificial barriers between the agency and the client.

We have decided instead to make the design process sustainable and incremental: providing the client with a crisp, modern-looking landing page that is gradually enhanced to become a full-fledged, content-rich website with contact forms, slideshows, videos, social media functionalities, responsive design.

Same applies to client’s visual identity kit: we first design something as simple and self-sufficient as the logo or a set of distinctive identity statements in the form of posters, Instagram postcards or paper flyers, after which we proceed to developing more complex sets of imagery encompassing the entire scope of the client’s activities.


We have also developed a 360° support model for the client! If you so desire, your organization won’t have to deal with:

  • server management,
  • domain name selection, purchasing and maintenance,
  • content production and copywriting,
  • imagery procurement, production or editing.